Friday, 28 December 2012

Chanel Lipstick Review

Rouge Coco in #40 Charme

Rouge Coco Shine in #56 Chance
From Left to Right: Rouge Coco Shine in Chance, Rouge Coco in Charme
 Hi there!
I thought it was time for another lipstick review, which are my favourite posts to write! Above are the two Chanel lipsticks that I own. I decided to go for two really gorgeous everyday colours for both as they are pretty pricey, which meant that I wanted to make sure I could wear them any occasion. The packaging of both lipsticks is the classic Chanel Black and Gold, which looks classy and sophisticated. 

Rouge Coco "Hydrating Creme Lip Colour" in #40 Charme 

This lipstick has a lovely creamy texture on application. It provides comfort all day round, and while I would say it is not very glossy, it is still very hydrating, and does not show any dry skin on your lips. It also has very subtle flecks of glitter which adds a lovely shine. 

Rouge Coco Shine "Hydrating Sheer Lipshine" in #56 Chance

Unlike the Rouge Coco, the formula of this lipstick is very sheer. It feels a lot more like a gloss, which does come with the inevitable downfall that it does not last as long. However, the colour is absolutely gorgeous and it feels very intensely moisturising, quite like a balm. It is extremely soft on the lips, and looks very natural.

Which do you prefer?

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  1. ooooh I love this. Number 40, I immediately fell in love!

  2. I love them both but I think I prefer the color of Chance slightly more.

    xo Ashley

  3. I really love both. Pinks are my favorite for lip color!

  4. Does it have that fish scales feeling when you rub your lips together? I have noticed the sparkly Chanel ones do.

    1. I haven't noticed that with these, the Rouge Coco does have tiny bits of glitter but it feels very creamy when you rub your lips together =)

      x x x

  5. I love the 56!

  6. Gorgeous shades!

  7. Thanks Catriona! I might give the lippies another try bc years back they were really grainy so they must have improved their formula! Look forward to more reviews - i like independent reviews rather than the daily mail reviews where they get it for free and they say it is fabulous!!!

  8. I think I like #56 my dear! Really nice color! :)
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  9. I love Chanel make up! I would use both of them, depends from the occasion!

  10. I love Chanel lipsticks! They are awesome!
    Following you on GFC! It will be great if you visit my blog. :)

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  11. This colour is so stunning, i need to invest in a shade like this..Wishing you a very Happy 2013! May it bring you much happiness, love and success!

  12. that color is amazing. want that lipstick too!!!

    Happy New Year!!

  13. thanks for review! I love this kind of colors!

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    Happy New Year!

  14. Nice website, i like this post :)

  15. pretty lipstick :)

    - A.

  16. I love the second one in charme! :) You are beautiful btw :))) I´m following you via GFC hope you visit my blog and follow back if you like.. :)

  17. loving the first color!


  18. Nice blog!
    Following each other? =)
    'nd happy new year!

  19. Beautiful colours, both suit you so well, lovely

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  20. I love the color of this lipstick!<3
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    Happy New Year!:*

  21. lovely post. i am really liking both colors to be honest - sometimes i want more of a lipstick feel, sometimes more of a gloss. i just recently purchased my first chanel lipstick in fact and am so in love.
    xx rae

  22. Love the color!

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    Xo Amy

  23. Lovely color!
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  24. WOW! Looks really great!!!

    I am your newest follower on Bloglovin and GFC! Hope you do the same:)

  25. Love the colors. I like a lot your blog.... I'll definitely follow it, I'm new blogger if you want check out my blog and tell me what you think, thanks. <3

  26. Just bought a Chanel lipstick, and I'm loving it so far :)


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