Monday, 29 July 2013

Family Meal

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The monochrome look has been creeping its way back into fashion recently, and played a prominent role in many designers Autumn Winter collections this year, and quite understandably.  This is a bold trend which shows sophistication and Class, which is why it is perfect for a Family Meal out. This look takes timeless pieces which on their own are stylish, but when put together make a Classic combination. It also makes for a versatile outfit which can be worn on many different occasions.

The prime piece to this look is this elegant Cream dress. The reason why we have chosen a cream dress in place of white is that it softens the overall edginess to the look, smoothing out any harsh qualities and making it a more wearable choice. The knee length and high neck to the dress create a smart and neat cut which, when coupled with this Black blazer jacket, is kept youthful and edgy.

This angular Black patent handbag provides a modern piece to the entire outfit. Unusual and unique, it ties the look together, and provides yet another statement piece to this dramatic look. Finally, you can never go wrong with a pair of black heels for a family meal, and this choice only continues the Monochrome trend which has inspired this look.

The Monochrome trend is increasingly popular this Season, and this outfit shows you the perfect way to work it. The contrast of Black and White will always be a firm favourite, as it is sophisticated and elegant, which is why I would wear this to a Family Meal, or any other event which requires a Classic touch.

Have a great week everyone!

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Holiday Night Out

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It’s holiday season, and for most of us that means sun, tanning and cocktails by the beach! So you need an outfit that will be perfect for those summer nights in the Sun spent dancing the night away. Though we may not be from a country blessed with year round sunshine, this doesn’t mean we have to stick out as a tourist. Go Mediterranean this summer with this gorgeous Spanish inspired look.

A summer essential this year is this gorgeous deep Red crop top, which is bang on trend this holiday season. When matched with these stylish high waisted shorts you will be kept cool, and have all your curves accentuated. While these high waisted shorts are fun and playful, they are also sexy, and with the Crop top create a figure hugging outfit which matches the smouldering Mediterranean style.

Ditch your flip flops as it’s time for dancing, and heels are another essential for a Holiday night out. With the help of the high waisted shorts, they elongate your leg and show off your fabulous new tan. Gold and Red are always a winning combination and when this look is matched with this pair of gold Earrings and Brass cuff the seductive Spanish style is only enhanced.

Finally, this easy yet stylish brown leather handbag is all you will need to hold the lippy and mascara for your night on the strip. Worn over the shoulder, it adds that final oomph to the outfit which brings it all together. So go Mediterranean this Holiday night out with this Spanish inspired outfit, with Gold and Red tones which mimic the gorgeous Mediterranean Sunset. 

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Back to School Style

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School fashion can be a bit of a conundrum, different groups bringing different styles to the table, and not all of them necessarily being of your taste. So why not become your own trendsetter, bringing your own style to the equation? When better to do this than on arriving back your first day of School? This summer holiday gives you the perfect time to prepare for that day, and this outfit is a real alternative yet right on trend look to help you do so.

This Leather Jacket provides you with your first alternative piece to the look; Rock and Roll yet Classic, it is sure to make you stand out from the crowd this School year. Additionally, these right on trend Feather Earrings further the alternative style, Gold always looking gorgeous with Black, and provoking an Indie vibe.
A loose pale Pink top is smart and sophisticated, which is just what you want when heading off to School. When paired with these pale Blue Jeggings which balance out the looseness of the top, it creates a cool, casual effect.

What School outfit is complete without the mandatory School Shoes, which have quite recently, come storming back into style? These Classic Black Shoes encompass the Preppy yet outrageously alternative style, and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. But most of all, an oversized Bag is essential for School, so do it in style with this Brown Leather Bag; a great size to hold all your belongings, while maintaining the Indie side which is subtly creeping its way back into Fashion.

This outfit doesn’t follow any certain trend, but brings a mish mash of alternative pieces together to create a preppy, yet alternative look. So don’t follow the trend, let the trend follow you.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Be Bold This Birthday

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It’s your Birthday, and you can wear whatever you want! And this outfit completely embraces that. The first thing I’m sure you’ll all notice is this eye-catching, fiery Red dress. I would wear it not only because of the gorgeous cut, but also because Red exudes confidence, and that’s how every woman should feel every day; and what better day to remember this on than your Birthday?

This bold, vibrant Red Dress is sure to keep all eyes on you, and this is a day to enjoy it!  The fit is one which skims over any unwanted curves, while the Black Blazer accentuates your waist. Not only does the cut of the Blazer and Dress create the perfect combination, but the colour contrast makes for a very striking look.  With this in mind, there is no need for jewellery; the simple yet stunning colour of the dress speaks for itself.

As it’s your Birthday, and you have a beautiful dress showing off your glorious legs, a pair of heels can only contribute to the look. Keeping it simple, I added a pair of plain Black Shoe Boots and a Quilted, Patent Black Handbag (as all girls know, a purse is essential). This Handbag is a perfect way to pull the outfit together and a handy size to carry all your favourite Make Up and Purse. It can also easily be kept on your shoulder comfortably all day with its dainty Silver Chain.

The finished look is one which practically oozes confidence. The Black of the Boots, Purse and Blazer keeps the focus on the dress, while the Red of the dress keeps all the focus on you. Take this day to flaunt your stuff, it’s your day and you are the belle of the ball.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Festival Chic

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As a seasoned Festival goer, I have come to really appreciate having a few days where I can dress in any manner I like. Some wear fancy dress, while others dawn the rocker look. Nevertheless, the underlying theme remains the same: bohemian. Bohemia/folk is a much loved trend which is only becoming more popular, perhaps because it fits with the free spirit that is felt throughout every festival. Not only this, but it also makes for a very flattering outfit, what with its bold prints and patterns.

The first thing that caught my eye was the adorable handbag. Having learnt my lesson that it is never a good idea to lug a huge bag around with you while watching bands all day, it is the perfect option. Small and practical, but right on trend for the occasion. The tassels on both the bag and the shoes give the carefree vibe which is central at a Festival.

A chunky knit Cardigan never goes out of style, and in our English Summer, you know you’ll need one. This Cardigan with its Aztec prints encompasses the bohemian look. To accentuate its bold prints, I chose a light, dainty top, so as not to take attention away from the cardigan. Further to this, I chose the stonewashed shorts with visible pockets as they have a grungy feel, which further promotes the no fuss approach of the outfit.

To finish off, a simple metallic cuff completes and brings the outfit together. Each piece is so effortlessly on trend, something you can throw on in your tent, and know you’re going to look great all day. Therefore, I could not resist any of the items which I have chosen in this look. Each piece of clothing, when added together creates the perfect bohemian festival look. 

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic

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There’s nothing quite like a bit of retail therapy, so grab your girls and get spending! Of course, there is that mind boggling decision of what to wear...while you shop for what you would like to wear! There is one thing which is certain though, shopping doesn’t depend on the seasons. So you need an outfit you can wear all year round (give or take a Jacket). Something which you’ll be comfortable in for the forthcoming War against High Street crowds, that will look stylish. That is why I would wear this East London inspired outfit, which shows vintage Street style at its best.

This top doesn’t need to be cut in any extraordinary way to look cool, the paisley style pattern comes to life when matched with these pair of Black skinny Trousers, which keeps all the emphasis on the gorgeous detailing of the top. A pair of Gold hoops, which used to be an undesirable accessory, are now an ever growing trend in London, and coupled with this elongated Owl necklace, work together to put something feminine back into the outfit.

One thing which has in recent years come parading back into fashion is Brogues. Once seen as a masculine shoe, worn with this outfit they become Girly and Smart. Easy to wear every day, and great for all Seasons. Adding to this, this School Boy style Brown Leather Satchel continues the masculine yet now girly style, and will only look better with age. Together they highlight the androgynous mix of East London Style.
It is clear from Vintage Street style, what would have once been considered as mismatched is now incredibly fashionable. From the paisley style top down to the Brogues this outfit screams East London fashion: unconventional and contemporary. People won’t be looking at the clothes in the shop, but wondering where they can buy your outfit.

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