Sunday, 21 July 2013

Back to School Style

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School fashion can be a bit of a conundrum, different groups bringing different styles to the table, and not all of them necessarily being of your taste. So why not become your own trendsetter, bringing your own style to the equation? When better to do this than on arriving back your first day of School? This summer holiday gives you the perfect time to prepare for that day, and this outfit is a real alternative yet right on trend look to help you do so.

This Leather Jacket provides you with your first alternative piece to the look; Rock and Roll yet Classic, it is sure to make you stand out from the crowd this School year. Additionally, these right on trend Feather Earrings further the alternative style, Gold always looking gorgeous with Black, and provoking an Indie vibe.
A loose pale Pink top is smart and sophisticated, which is just what you want when heading off to School. When paired with these pale Blue Jeggings which balance out the looseness of the top, it creates a cool, casual effect.

What School outfit is complete without the mandatory School Shoes, which have quite recently, come storming back into style? These Classic Black Shoes encompass the Preppy yet outrageously alternative style, and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. But most of all, an oversized Bag is essential for School, so do it in style with this Brown Leather Bag; a great size to hold all your belongings, while maintaining the Indie side which is subtly creeping its way back into Fashion.

This outfit doesn’t follow any certain trend, but brings a mish mash of alternative pieces together to create a preppy, yet alternative look. So don’t follow the trend, let the trend follow you.

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