Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Festival Chic

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As a seasoned Festival goer, I have come to really appreciate having a few days where I can dress in any manner I like. Some wear fancy dress, while others dawn the rocker look. Nevertheless, the underlying theme remains the same: bohemian. Bohemia/folk is a much loved trend which is only becoming more popular, perhaps because it fits with the free spirit that is felt throughout every festival. Not only this, but it also makes for a very flattering outfit, what with its bold prints and patterns.

The first thing that caught my eye was the adorable handbag. Having learnt my lesson that it is never a good idea to lug a huge bag around with you while watching bands all day, it is the perfect option. Small and practical, but right on trend for the occasion. The tassels on both the bag and the shoes give the carefree vibe which is central at a Festival.

A chunky knit Cardigan never goes out of style, and in our English Summer, you know you’ll need one. This Cardigan with its Aztec prints encompasses the bohemian look. To accentuate its bold prints, I chose a light, dainty top, so as not to take attention away from the cardigan. Further to this, I chose the stonewashed shorts with visible pockets as they have a grungy feel, which further promotes the no fuss approach of the outfit.

To finish off, a simple metallic cuff completes and brings the outfit together. Each piece is so effortlessly on trend, something you can throw on in your tent, and know you’re going to look great all day. Therefore, I could not resist any of the items which I have chosen in this look. Each piece of clothing, when added together creates the perfect bohemian festival look. 

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  1. Absolutely love this look! That bag is so cute. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!

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